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Range Plants of North-Central Texas
Range Plants of North-Central Texas
Range Plants of North-Central Texas

Range Plants of North-Central Texas

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Range Plants of North / Central Texas
By Ricky J Linex
8.5"×11" (spiral-bound)
345 pages
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Overall, 77% of the plants in this book occur in our Gulf Prairies and Marshes area.

We are always on the lookout for gardening books that contain useful information -even if it is not specific to the coastal bend. The Range Plants of North-Central Texas is an excellent resource for all gardeners. 

The Range Plants of North-Central Texas includes 1,450 photos for each of the 324 plants with emphasis on leaves, flowers, fruits, and other details to aid in identification. The text is predominantly written for the layman plant enthusiast with a minimum of technical, botanical terms. Each plant is discussed with identification tips, value, and management. The sections on the value of the plants will be of most interest to many readers because this information is harder to find from other sources. Many wildflower books show how to identify plants, but do not offer any suggestions of its value to different species of livestock and wildlife. The information presented is intended to show plants found in the Rolling Plains, Cross Timbers and Prairies, Blackland Prairie and Post Oak Savannah vegetational areas of Texas. However, with the large amount of regional overlap shown by many of these plants, this book will be useful to land owners and users, students, and wildflower enthusiasts throughout the middle half of Texas and southern Oklahoma.  Range Plants of North Central Texas is arranged alphabetically by plant family, by genus, and then finally by species within each genus. This method groups similar plants within a family together to allow easier comparison and identification. Common names are those locally accepted and widely used in Texas. The soft cover book features 8½ X 11 inch heavy paper with double wire binding so it will lay open for ease in use.


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