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Yarrow, Common (native)
Yarrow, Common (native)

Yarrow, Common (native)

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Yarrow, Common
Scientific Name: Achillea millefolium
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History/general species info: The species name, millefolium means "of a thousand leaves". Common on disturbed soils throughout Texas. Cultivated in Europe before 1440, according to Allan Armitage, A. millefolium often was used as a medicine for toothache and to heal wounds.

Perennial. Fragrant. Fine, feathery foliage which resembles a fern. Flowers are in clusters forming a flat white top usually affixed to a single stem. Can be used in fresh or dried flower arrangements. 

Flower: white

Planting / Care:  Plant in full sun. Medium water usage. Drought tolerant. Salt tolerant.  Fairly tenacious and fast growing, Can be mowed to form a highly competitive ground cover to control soil erosion.

Size and Spacing:  Height: 1-3' Spread: 1-3'

Native: yes

Wildlife:  General wildlife

Texas A&M

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Photo credit(s): Texas A&M