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Texas Babybonnets (native/rare)

Texas Babybonnets (native/rare)

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Texas Babybonnets - Native/rare
Scientific Name: Coursetia axillaris

History/general species info: Pretty, endemic to Texas, but elusive, babybonnets are a rare plant in Texas.

Characteristics: Medium shrub. Drought tolerant. Perennial. Evergreen.  A densely-branched shrub with an irregular shape and, in February to March, sports tiny sweet-pea-shaped flowers that can be white, yellow and pink. The fruit is a small, reddish pod that ripens early and can appear simultaneously with the flowers. Its informal, irregular shape would complement a naturalistic landscape, where its drought tolerance would also be an asset.  

Native: yes. 

Flower: Small white, yellow or pale pink pea-like flowers less than 1/2-inch long, single or in clusters up to 4 blossoms in leaf axils and at branch ends.

Planting / Care: Can adapt to various soils if they are well-draining. Salt tolerant. Cold hardy to 20 degrees.

Size and Spacing: Height: 3 to 9 feet    Spread: 5 to 12 feet

Light requirement: Full sun

Wildlife: butterflies

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