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Society Garlic

Society Garlic

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Society Garlic
Scientific Name: Tulbaghia voilacea
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History/general species info: Durable fragrant perennial that is native to grassland areas in southern Africa. It somewhat resembles garlic chives (Allium tuberosum) in appearance. Leaves and rootstock have a strong garlic smell when bruised, hence the common name. Flowers and leaves are edible (mild garlic flavor), and may be used in soups and salads. 

Characteristics: Durable perennial that resembles a dense 10in.' to 12in. clump of medium textured onion or garlic stems. Works well in mass planting, edging, in rock gardens or in containers.

Native: No

Flower: purple to pink

Planting / Care: High heat tolerance. Medium water requirement. Well-drained soil. Remove spent bloom stalks to encourage more blooming. Hardy to 10 degrees. 

Height: 12in. to 18in. with flower scapes   

Spread: 10in. to 14in.

Light requirement: Sun Partial Sun. 


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