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Salvia, Tropical Sage
Salvia, Tropical Sage

Salvia, Tropical Sage

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Salvia, Tropical Sage
Scientific name: 
Salvia coccinea
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History: Known by many names: blood sage, cherry red sage, crimson sage, hummingbird sage, red flowering salvia, red sage, red salvia, rosy sage, scarlet sage, scarlet salvia, South American sage, Texas sage, Texas salvia, and wild salvia. The exact native range of this species is obscure, but it is thought to be native to south-eastern USA (i.e. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas), Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and tropical South America.

Characteristics: Long lived perennial. Small shrub. Salt tolerant.  Deer resistant. Bright red flowers are an inch long and arranged in loose whorls along the upright stem and bloom continuously from early summer to the first frost.

Native: no

Flower:  Red.  Blooms and spring and fall

Planting / Care: Grows well in sand, loam, clay and caliche.  Medium water requirement.  Sun - shade.

Size and Spacing:  3 feet high x 1 foot wide

Light Requirements: full sun to shade

Wildlife:  Butterflies, hummingbirds and bees