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Ruby Red Grapefruit Tree

Ruby Red Grapefruit Tree

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Grapefruit, Ruby Red     
Scientific Name:  Citrus × paradise

History/general species info: Ruby Red was discovered as a limb sport (a mutation of one limb which has different fruit characteristics than the rest of the tree) on a 'Pink Marsh' tree in 1929 by A. E. Henninger of McAllen, TX, who was granted a patent in 1934.

Characteristics: Ruby Red fruit is of excellent quality (high in sugar/low in acid), seedless (i.e., 0 to 6 seeds), red-fleshed, oblate and thin skinned. The fruit usually has a red blush on an otherwise yellow peel. The interior color fades badly after the first of the year.

Flower: yes; fragrant, white

Planting / Care: For detailed information click here.

Size and Spacing: 18 - 25 feet tall and wide

Pollinator needed to bear fruit: No, self-pollinating


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