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Gaura, Pink

Gaura, Pink

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Pink Gaura
Scientific Name: 
Oenothera lindheimeri

History / General Species Information: Named after the Father of Texas Botany, Ferdinand Jacob Lindheimer (1801-1879) who immigrated to the the US in 1834 as a political refugee. From 1843-1852 he collected specimens in Texas and was the first permanent plant collector. Lindheimer is credited with the discovery of several hundred plant species and his name is used to designate forty-eight species and subspecies of plants. He is buried in New Braunfels. His house, on Comal Street in New Braunfels, is now a museum.

Characteristics: Perennial. Upright. Spreading. Delicate white four-petal flowers. . 

Flower:  Pink, White

Planting / Care: Grows in sand, loam, and clay well-draining soils. Heat and salt-tolerant. Flowers open in early morning and have a smell of cat urine.  Plant in sun or part shade, with a medium water requirement.  Great in the back of a flower bed or used as a border. Cut back midsummer and it will regrow and bloom again in the fall. Can be aggressive.

Light requirement: Sun to part shade

Size and Spacing: 1 foot in height with a 3 foot spread.

Wildlife: attracts bees, butterflies, moths.


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