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Moss Verbena
Moss Verbena

Moss Verbena

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Moss Verbena
Scientific Name:   Verbena tenuisecta (Verbenaceae)

History/general species info:  Native to South America, and introduced to the southern United States. 

Characteristics:  A sprawling perennial ground cover with small violet flowers, clustered together forming a small bouquet. Fernlike leaves, almost mossy, finely cut. An excellent drought-tolerant variety.  A valuable asset for summer color. Semi-deer resistant

Native: No

Flower: Violet

Planting / Care: Prefers light to heavy soils in full sun. Low water requirement, salt tolerant. Minimal maintenance. 

Height:  12-18 inches

Spread:  3-6 feet

Light requirement:  Full sun

Wildlife: Butterflies


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