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Fragrant Mistflower
Fragrant Mistflower

Fragrant Mistflower

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Fragrant Mistflower
Scientific Name: Chromolaena odorata
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History/general species info: Known by many names: Blue Mistflower, Blue Boneset, Fragrant Boneset, Jack In The Bush, Crucita, Siam Weed, Common Flossflower, Christmas Bush, Devilweed. Native to the warmer parts of south-eastern USA, Mexico, the Caribbean and tropical South America. Toxic to cattle and can cause allergic reactions. Recent research has shown the plant is larvicidal against all major mosquito vectors.

Characteristics: Fragrant. Evergreen. Perennial small shrub/groundcover. Like the other blue mistflowers, this one attracts a host of butterfly species. It thrives and will flower abundantly in full sun, but will still flower in part shade.  Triangular shape leaves with showy purple flowers cluster. 

Native: No

Flower: White

Planting / Care:   Fast growing in sand, loam, clay and caliche.  Root hardy. Dies back to the roots in hard winters. Leggy growth habit. Should be cut back once/year.

Size and Spacing: Height: 2’-4'   Spread: 3’-6'

Light requirement: Sun/part shade. 

Water requirement: low, once established

Wildlife: Birds, bees, butterflies, pollinators and general wildlife


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Photo credits: Ernie Edmonson