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Mexican Oregano
Mexican Oregano

Mexican Oregano

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Mexican Oregano (add 6)
Scientific Name: Poliomintha longiflora

History/general species info: Mexican oregano actually comes in two varieties, one of which is in the mint family and one is in the verbena family. This variety is native to Texas and is often grown as an accent shrub mostly because deer will not eat it. 

Characteristics: Evergreen fragrant shrub. Deer resistant. Although it tastes very much like Italian oregano, the two plants are unrelated. Bears beautiful lavender flowers.

Native: Yes 

Flower: Spikes of nearly white to lavender colored tubular flowers

Planting / Care: Grows in sand, loam, and clay. Low water requirement. Not salt tolerant. Deer resistant.  Prune top ½ after bloom, and to 3” height after first frost browns leaves. Aromatic foliage: brown, withering flower stays on plant; will sprawl if not pruned, edible leaves.

Height: 3’   

Spread: 3’

Light requirement: Sun/Part Shade 

Wildlife: Hummingbirds


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Photo credits: Pamela Larson