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Scientific Name: Liriope muscari
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History/general species info: Also known as lilyturf, big blue lilyturf, lilyturf, and monkey grass originates from the temperate forests of China and Korea. The name liriope is derived from Latin, and is a nymph in Roman mythology. 

Characteristics: Evergreen clump-forming, grass-like groundcover that is heat and drought tolerant once established. Though it may resemble an ornamental grass it is not a true grass. Purple blooms appear late summer. Tough, easy to grow.


Flower: yes, purple

Planting / Care: Benefits from periodic shearing to the ground. Can be divided easily. In their first year they will need regular watering to keep soils moist, but once established they require very little supplemental irrigation.  They are light feeders and benefit from a slow-release or organic fertilizer applied in the early spring.  To maintain an attractive appearance, cut back tops prior to spring new growth begins.  

Size and Spacing: Height: 1’ Spread: 1'

Light requirement:  Shade to part sun

Water requirement: low once established

Wildlife: general 

Photo credit: Wikipedia