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Lily, Flax (variegated)

Lily, Flax (variegated)

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Lily, Flax (variegated)
Scientific Name: Dianella tasmanica 'Variegata'

History/general species info: The genus is named after Diana, the Roman goddess, of hunting and Queen of the woods and the specific epithet is a reference to this species being from the island of Tasnmania, but it is also found on the mainland in southeastern Australia.

Characteristics: Strappy variegated perennial. Clumping. Grass-like. Rich green leaves with bold white stripes with finely serrated leaf margins. Thick spreading rhizome under the ground. Small pale violet flowers appear in the spring that are followed by dark blue berries - all can be used in flower arrangements. Nice texture and color for shade areas. Easy-care, all-season color. Good for borders, a spectacular massed display or potted up in containers. Looks great in woodland settings. Makes a striking accent plant. Very nice for planting around swimming pools.

Native: no

Flower: yes, violet / fruit

Planting / Care: Plant in light shade but will take full sun. Well draining sandy or clay soils. Listed as drought tolerant but cannot tolerate prolonged dry summers without some irrigation.  

Size and Spacing: Height: 1-4' Spread: 2-3'

Light requirement:  Sun to shade

Wildlife: Birds, butterflies

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