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Joey® Avocado Tree

Joey® Avocado Tree

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Avocado, Joey ®
Scientific Name: Persea americana

History/general species info: Found by Joey Rivers in Uvalde, Texas and Introduced and named by Brazos Citrus Nursery in 2005.

Characteristics: Dense, erect, evergreen. fast growing (usually grows erect, to 30 feet). Very cold hardy (mid to upper teens), medium sized Mexican avocado, favorable fruit that is egg shaped, purple to black in color, and weighing 6-10 ounces.  Heavy producer.  Ripens August to October. Suckers need to be removed from below graft.  For more information click here. 

Flower: yes, pale yellow, inconspicuous

Planting / Care: For detailed information on avocados click here.

Size and Spacing: Height: up to 30 feet. Can be pruned to keep to a smaller size.

Pollinator needed to bear fruit: self-pollinating


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