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Ebony, Texas
Ebony, Texas
Ebony, Texas

Ebony, Texas

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Ebony, Texas
Scientific Name: Pithecellobium ebano

History/general species info:  Texas ebony makes a great shade tree. It keeps its leaves year-round, produces fragrant blooms each spring, is drought-tolerant once established, and can grow in compacted soil. The seeds can be dried and made into jewelry, and the shells have been used as an alternative to coffee.

Characteristics:  Common in the south Texas, growing in sandy to clay loams, and clay. It has dense very dark green foliage and zigzag branches with many spines. It is often a shrub, but can reach 50 feet providing valuable shade.  

Flower:  white, and appears during the summers months, especially after a rain. These are followed by curved seed pods.

Planting / Care:   Full sun, dry to moist sandy soil. Very heat tolerant, but not cold tolerant outside of the zone 9b area.

Native: Native to South Texas

Size and Spacing:  Grows to 25-50 ft

Wildlife:  Larval host for Coyote Cloudwing butterfly.  Attracts butterflies and provides shelter for small birds


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Photo Credit(s):  Texas A&M