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Coreopsis, Lanceleaf

Coreopsis, Lanceleaf

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Coreopsis, Lanceleaf
Scientific Name:  Coreopsis lanceolata

History/general species info: Lance-leaved coreopsis is the most common coreopsis. 

Characteristics:  Perennial. Clumping. Erect. Can form extensive colonies. Yellow daisy like flowers. Drought tolerant but flowers more with moisture. Self-sows readily and can become weedy. Showy flowers, perfect for flower arranging. 

Native: No

Flower: Yellow

Planting / Care: Grows in sand, loam and caliche. Fragrant. Deer resistant. Not salt tolerant. Low water requirement after established. Normally takes two years to become established. Does excellent in raised flowerbeds. Frequent deadheading keeps it blooming all summer.   

Height:  1’

Spread: 1’

Light requirement: Sun. Part shade

Wildlife: Butterflies


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Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center

Photo credit: Ernie Edmonson and TAMU