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Blackberry, Arapaho

Blackberry, Arapaho

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Blackberry, Natchez

Scientific Name: Rubus fruticosus "Arapaho"

History/general species info: Considered the first thornless producing blackberry.

Characteristics: Texas Superstar!* Because it is easy to grow, painless to harvest. Erect to semi-erect that benefits from trellising. Thornless. Early, heavy producer of very large, elongated and glossy black fruit. Great for jellies, jams and fruit juices. Erect to semi erect thornless canes. Early, heavy producer. Texas Superstar is a registered trademark owned by AgriLife Research, a state agency that is part of the Texas A&M University System. More information about the Texas Superstar program can be found at http://texassuperstar.com/.

Flowerclusters of pinkish-white, rose-like flowers

Planting / Care: Only minimal bed preparation is needed as long as the soil is well drained. If the soil drains slowly, plant the blackberries on raised beds or berms (mounded planting rows), which will enable the soil to dry faster and help keep water from ponding near the crown of the plant. Control weeds as needed. Blackberries produce on last year’s canes. In the winter, spray the base of all of the canes with a brightly colored spray paint. After the harvest in May or June, cut to the ground every cane that was painted. The remaining unpainted canes will produce next year’s crop of berries. Repeat the process each winter. Blackberries perform best at a soil pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Plant spacing is 3 to 5 feet apart within a row, 10 to 15 feet between rows,  depending on plant vigor. Best planted in early winter or early spring. Full sun for best production. ~300 chill hours

Size and Spacing: 4-6’ tall x 3-4’ wide

Pollinator needed to bear fruit: self-pollinating