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Confederate Rose
Confederate Rose

Confederate Rose

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Confederate Rose
Scientific Name: Hibiscus mutabilis
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History/general species info: An old-fashioned hibiscus. Once a very common plant throughout the South. Not a type of rose, despite the name, the Confederate Rose is actually a hibiscus flower. Originally native to southern China and Taiwan, it is now found on all continents except Antarctica.

Large shrub. Deciduous. Has one of the largest blooms of any hardy perennial. Flowers are double and are 4 to 6 inches in diameter; they open white or pink, and change to deep red/pink by evening. Bloom season usually lasts from summer through fall. The most notable characteristic of this flowering shrub is that three distinct flower colors appear on the bush simultaneously.

Native: no

Flower: yes; opens white or pink, and change to deep red/pink by evening

Planting / Care: Low water requirement. Sun/Part Shade. Fast growing in well-draining sand, loam and clay. Not salt tolerant. 

Size and Spacing: Height: 15’ Spread: 10’

Light requirement:  Sun/Part Shade


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Photo credit: Texas A&M, NC extension