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Cigar Plant
Cigar Plant

Cigar Plant

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David Verity Cigar Plant
Scientific Name: Cuphea ignea 'David Verity'
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History/general species info: Wonderful small shrub boasting a profusion of cigar-shaped red to orange flowers full of rich nectar that is a magnet for hummingbirds and pollinators. Native to Mexico and the West Indies. "Ignea" comes from the Latin for fire.

Characteristics: Perennial. Evergreen. Small shrub. Rounded, densely branched, bushy shape of small bright-green, elliptical leaves. Small, tubular, trumpet-like red flowers. Nonstop year-round bloomer. Great as a border, beds or edgings along walkways or paths. Container plant for decks, patios or porches. Hanging baskets. 

Flower: Orange to red

Planting / Care:  Drought and heat tolerant, but prefers regular moisture. Full sun but will tolerate part shade. Grows well-draining sandy, loamy, and clay soils. If the plant becomes leggy, pinch the stem tips. Virtually pest and disease free. Cold hardy to 10 degrees. 

Size and Spacing:  Height: 2-4' Spread: 2-4'

Native: no

Wildlife:  Hummingbirds, butterflies and general wildlife

Photo credit(s): Wikipedia