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Chandler Pummelo Tree

Chandler Pummelo Tree

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Pummelo, Chandler  
Scientific NameCitrus maxima 'Chandler'

History/general species info:  Pummelos are named for a ship's captain who is believed to have introduced their seeds to the West Indies near the start of the 18th century. Pummelos are the largest citrus fruit in the Rutaceae family.  They are the principal ancestor of the grapefruit.

Characteristics: Evergreen with large glossy leaves. Vigorous. Large sized, pink flesh, seedy, with thick smooth peel. Hardy to 28 degrees. A cross between the Siamese Sweet (white, acidless) and Siamese Pink (acid) pummelo. The fruit is an almost perfect globe, medium size to very big with a smooth peel that sometimes has a pinkish tinge. Pulp is pink to medium red, fine-grained, tender and fairly juicy. Segment walls are thin. The flavor is superior to that of either parent; subacid, about 12% sugar. Seedy. Early in season; of good keeping quality. Mature in November, with fruit holding well until February.  

Flower: yes, large, fragrant, white

Planting / Care: Full to half day sun. Pruning is not required for production. Suckers, growth emerging below the graft, should be removed any time they are observed. For more information click here.

Size and Spacing: Mature height: 8-12’

Pollinator needed to bear fruit: Chandler fruits are seedy when cross-pollinated by citrus fruits with viable pollen and seedless when grown in a solid block or in proximity to citrus fruits that are pollen sterile, such as navel oranges and Satsuma mandarin.


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