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Bat-Faced Cuphea
Bat-Faced Cuphea

Bat-Faced Cuphea

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Bat-Faced Cuphea
Scientific Name: Cuphea llavea
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History/general species info: The common name bat-faced cuphea comes from the resemblance of the ends of the flower to a tiny bat face. One of about 260 species of Cupheas. Native to Mexico. 

Perennial. Evergreen. Small shrub. Fast growing. These warm-weather bloomers will bring on the birds and the butterflies! Cold-tender, so it would be a good idea to protect this one if we’re down into the 20’s. Rounded, bushy habit and the foliage remains fresh all season. Stems are crowded with alternate dark green, thick, sandpapery leaves up to 3” long. Each leaf is pointed and hairy. 

Flower: red and purple that resemble little bat faces

Planting / Care:  Thrive in full sun but will tolerate part shade. Grows well-draining sandy, loamy, and amended clay soils - sensitive to over watering. 

Size and Spacing:  Height: 1-2' Spread: 2-4'

Native: no

Wildlife:  Hummingbirds, butterflies and general wildlife

Photo credit(s): Wikipedia