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Barbados Cherry, dwarf (native)
Barbados Cherry, dwarf (native)
Barbados Cherry, dwarf (native)

Barbados Cherry, dwarf (native)

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Barbados Cherry, dwarf  
Scientific Name:  Malpighia glabra
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History/general species info: Native to Texas and the Caribbean south into South America. This dwarf form is found in Texas and is cold hardier than the larger Caribbean form. Produces a lovely bright red fruit that is edible and high in vitamin C, but quite tart. These fruits are truly a wonderful food source for birds.

Characteristics:  Small shrub/tree. Evergreen. Great choice for small landscapes, to screen a view, or accent a habitat garden. Small pink flowers, which bloom in spurts from April through October, look very similar to the flowers of crape myrtle. They attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

Native: Yes 

Flower: Spikes of nearly white to lavender colored tubular flowers

Planting / Care: Grows in well drained sandy or clay loam. Has edible red fruit. Not deer resistant. Very adaptable. No special requirements. Like most plants, it needs a little extra water during the first few years, but is very drought-tolerant once established. In a harsh winter, it may lose its leaves but will bounce back when spring arrives. Simply cut back dead branches. You can also prune to shape.

Height: 4-6’  

Spread: 5-6’

Light requirement: Part shade to full sun 

Wildlife: Hummingbirds, butterflies, bees


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Photo credits: Ernie Edmonson