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Anacua Tree
Anacua Tree
Anacua Tree

Anacua Tree

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Anacua Tree
Scientific Name:  Ehretia anacua

History/general species info:   Also known as a sandpaper tree because of the sandpaper feel of the leaves.  Wildlife consume the fruit, and the wood has served for fenceposts and tool handles. The name Anacua is from "Anacahuite," a Mexican name for this and related species. The lifespan of an Anacua is at least 50 years.

Characteristics:  Semi-evergreen, dropping and replacing its leaves in early spring. Fast growing. It has a high heat tolerance and medium to low water requirements.  Spring blooms look like the tree is covered with snow. Deer resistant.

Flower:  Fragrant. White flower that blooms in spring and fall with bright orange edible fruit.

Native: no

Planting / Care:  Sun to part shade. Water requirement high in first year after planting, and low once established. 

Size and Spacing:  Height: 20' to 45' / Spread: 45'

Pollinator needed to bear fruit: - only use this for fruit/nut tree listings :)

Wildlife:  Honey bees are attracted to the flowers.  The fruit attracts many varieties of birds, mammals, insects and small mammals. The exclusive host for larvae and adults of the Anacua Tortoise Beetle (Coptocycla texana).


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