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Salvia greggii, Pink

Salvia greggii, Pink

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Salvia greggii, Pink (Autumn Sage)
Scientific name: 
Salvia greggii 'Pink'
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History: Also known as Autumn Sage. The species name Greggii honors Josiah Gregg (1806-1850), an early American explorer and botanist. S. Greggii is native to dry, sunny sites in southern and western Texas and New Mexico. It may also be found in the Mexican states of Coahuila, Sonora, and Durango. Although generally ignored by most nurserymen and home gardeners in this century, S. Greggii was a frequently-found plant in the cottage gardens of early Texas.

Characteristics: Evergreen. Small shrub. dull pale green, glandular, aromatic leaves with pink tubular flowers that are magnets to hummingbirds. Salt tolerant.  Deer resistant.

Native: no

Flower:  Pink.  Blooms and spring and fall

Planting / Care: Grows well in sand, loam, clay and caliche.  Medium water requirement.  Once established, the plant usually thrives on existing rainfall. It does need at least tolerably good drainage, and thrives in full-sun or partially-shaded exposures.  Prune back to 4" in late winter and again by 1/2 in August to maintain a tidy shap. 

Size and Spacing:  3' high 3' wide

Light Requirements:  Sun to Shade

Wildlife:  Butterflies, hummingbirds and bees


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