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Pidgeonberry (native)
Pidgeonberry (native)

Pidgeonberry (native)

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Scientific Name: Rivina humilis

History/general species info: Southwestern Native Americans supposedly used the fruit of pigeonberry to make red dye. In Mexico, pigeonberry leaves were used to treat wounds. There is some evidence from a study of leaf extracts that the leaves are weakly effective in reducing growth of certain bacteria.

Characteristics: Small shrub. Evergreen. Blooms spring to fall. Heat tolerant. Medium water requirements. As a general rule of thumb, prune flowering shrubs after they finish blooming. Tolerates a lot of salt spray and salty soil, but not a lot of storm winds. Grows in sand, loam and clay. Salt tolerant. Leaves and roots and probably the berries of pigeonberry are poisonous to the gastrointestinal system. Deer resistant. 

Native: yes

Flower: yes; pink to white - red fruit

Planting / Care: Prefers light shade and moist but well drained soil. Without supplemental water in summer, it may go dormant.

Size and Spacing: Height: 1’ Spread: 1-2’

Light requirement:  shade to part shade

Attracted wildlife: - Birds


Aggie Horticulture

Native Plant Society of Texas

photo credit(s): Lee Page and Ernie Edmonson