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Fall Aster
Fall Aster

Fall Aster

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Fall Aster
Scientific Name: Symphyotrichum oblongifolium 

History/general species info: Also known as Aromatic Aster. An adaptable, easy to grow, flowering, ground cover for dry, sunny locations. One of the last flowers to bloom in late summer through fall. There is no floral scent, but the leaves give off a pleasant aroma when crushed. A tea made from the roots of Asters has been used to treat fevers. 

Characteristics: Perennial herb. Creates dazzling purple mounds in the fall season. 1-1.5” wide composite flowers have 25-30 blue-purple rays with yellow center discs. Colonizes slowly by stolons. Looks great planted in the foreground of other fall flowering plants, and along the edges of planting beds. These little guys are simply covered in flowers in October and November, making them a real show-stopper in the autumn landscape. Long lasting cut flowers for arrangements. 

Native: No

Flower: Purple , Violet

Planting / Care: Sun - part shade. Low water use. Cutting them back a few inches throughout the spring reinvigorates growth and makes the plants bushier and healthier, and encourages the plant to form more flower buds. You want to stop pruning by July to allow flower buds to set. Easily divided.  After it goes dormant, wait to cut back in late fall, early winter. 

Size and Spacing: Height:  1-2’   Spread: 1-2’

Light requirement: sun - part shade

Wildlife: native bees


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