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Mistflower, Gregg's
Mistflower, Gregg's

Mistflower, Gregg's

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Mistflower, Gregg’s
Scientific Name:   Conoclinium greggii
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History/general species info:  The species name “greggii” was named for Josiah Gregg, (1806-1850). He was born in Overton County, Tennessee. From 1841-42 he traveled through Texas, up the Red River valley, and later from Galveston to Austin and by way of Nacogdoches to Arkansas. The American Botanical Society added the Latin name “greggii” in his honor to twenty-three species of plants. Gregg died on February 25, 1850, as a result of a fall from his horse. 

Characteristics:  Ground cover. Evergreen. Spreads quickly. Small, purplish-blue flowers clusters Trouble free Texas native. Butterfly magnet. It flowers in spring and summer, but fall is the most magnificent show, attracting Queen butterflies, migrating Monarchs, and many others.  Often attracts very impressive numbers of Queen butterflies in the Fall.

Native: Yes

Flower: Purple

Planting / Care: Fast growing in sand, loam and clay. Not deer resistant. Salt tolerant. Root harding to 0 degrees. Low water requirement once established. Forms colonies but easily contained.  

Height:  1-2’

Spread: 1’

Light requirement: Shade, part sun.

Wildlife: Butterflies and general wildlife.


Native Plant Society

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center

Photo credit: Roz Bailey