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LIVE Succulent Wreath (SW-01)
LIVE Succulent Wreath (SW-01)

LIVE Succulent Wreath (SW-01)

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This one-of-a-kind 9”-11” living succulent wreath was handcrafted by Master Gardeners and contains a variety of 6-10 living succulent cuttings rooted in a sphagnum moss-filled chicken wire form. Oh, and you'll love this... it is super-easy to care for - just give it some sunlight and water once in a while. Plus, you can add your own succulents at any time for a fuller look. Ready to hang on your wall, or displayed beautifully on a table. Complete care instructions come with every wreath, and when cared for, should last for a very long time. We adored making this lovely treasure and hope it brings you years of happiness.  NOTE: The photographs shown will differ from final product because the wreath has filled in, since it was originally offered for sale. Qty Available: 1

9-11” Live succulent wreath pictured 
8 oz spray water bottle 
Complete care instructions