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Scientific Name: Acacia berlandieri

History/general species info:  Native to Texas and the Chihuahuan desert, and is usually grown as a large, rounded shrub but is easily trained to a small tree.  Also known as Berlandier Acacia, Round-flowered Catclaw, Mimosa Catclaw, Thornless Catclaw, and HuajillaIn. In late spring, hundreds of creamy white flower 5/8" ball-like clusters burst into bloom. Each ball has 50-100 stamen, but no petals. The leaves are very delicate, fern-like. The flower is a source of heavy, light-colored honey, rated, by many, as the best in the state.

Characteristics:  Deciduous. A nearly thorn less, multi trunked, spreading medium-large sized shrub to small tree. Fragrant and prefect around pools or patios. 

Flower:  Fragrant. White or yellow bloom, Feb-April, very fragrant.  Produces a bean pod that is 4-5" long. 

Planting / Care:  Full sun. Drought tolerant once established. Hardy to 20 degrees. 

Native: No

Size and Spacing: can grow up to 15' high and wide in a wide variety of soil types.  

Wildlife:  attracts birds and butterflies, and is larval host for Long-tailed skippers, Reicker's blue butterflies


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Photo Credit(s): Texas A&M