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Fig, Brown Turkey

Fig, Brown Turkey

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Fig, Brown Turkey
Scientific Name: Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'

History/general species info: This species is known around the world for its edible fig and has been cultivated for thousands of years. Traces of fig have been found in excavations of 5,000 BC Neolithic sites. It has been present from about 1560 in the New World. One of the most popular figs grown in the United States. The fig is actually a flower that is inverted into itself. Botanically not a single fruit, nearly fifteen hundred tiny fruits make up a fig, giving it its unique texture.

Characteristics: Fast growing, up to 2 feet per year. An attractive deciduous tree with an intriguing winter silhouette. Produces very tasty, brownish purple fruit in late spring and again in late summer. Highly adaptable. A beautiful specimen for garden or landscape, requiring only light annual pruning. Has a moderate growth rate with a spreading growth habit. Harvest time: June - August

Flower: yes; inconspicuous

Planting / Care: Prefers enriched, well-drained soil. Water deeply, regularly in the first growing season to establish an extensive root system; reduce frequency once established. Requires less water in fall and winter, more in the growing season. Provide a sheltered spot in colder zones; may die back and re-sprout from roots in spring. Apply fertilizer in spring. Pruning time: winter. Water regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat or containers.  For more information click here. 

Size and Spacing: 15-25 feet tall and wide

Pollinator needed to bear fruit: self-pollinating


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