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Tropic Snow Peach Tree
Tropic Snow Peach Tree

Tropic Snow Peach Tree

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Peach, Tropic Snow
Scientific Name: Prunus persica

History/general species info: Peach Trees, although originally attributed to Persia by botanists, actually originated in China and have been cultivated for 3000 years for their fruits. Tropic Snow is the direct result of a breeding collaboration between the University of Florida and Texas A & M University.

Characteristics:  Super sweet, medium-sized, low acid peach for low chill areas. Fruit ripens mid-May.  Skin is yellow with a blush of red. Fruit flesh is white and freestone.  

Flower: yes; pink, very fragrant

Planting / Care: Full sun, rich-loamy, slightly acidic, well-draining soil. Needs regular deep watering. Aggressive surface mulching covering the root zone helps to retain soil moisture in the hot summer.  However, when mulching any tree, leave a few inches of space at the base of the trunk free from mulch. Does not tolerate flooding or standing water. Give a complete fertilizer (N-P-K) at bud break (sometime around March). Do not fertilize at planting. When new growth appears spread 1/2 pound of dry fertilizer around the root zone for each year of the trees life, (with up to 5 pounds total for a full-size tree).

Size and Spacing:  height: 18’ 

Pollinator needed to bear fruit: self-pollinating


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