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Lila® Avocado Tree

Lila® Avocado Tree

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Avocado, Lila ®
Scientific Name: Persea americana

History/general species info: Lila, not to be confused with Lula, originated in Uvalde, Texas.  The name ‘Lila’ came from a large commercial nursery that propagated this variety and renamed it.

Characteristics: Dense, evergreen, vigorous growing tree.  Hardy to 14 degrees.   Medium pear-shaped fruit, 6 to 12 oz.  Rich flavor, green skinned avocado.  Ripens mid-July to September. 

Floweryes, pale yellow, inconspicuous

Planting / Care: For detailed information on Avocados click here

Size and Spacing: 25ft tall and 20 ft. wide. Can be pruned to keep to a smaller size.

Pollinator needed to bear fruit: self-pollinating


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